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Perks of dating me:

  • you’ll be the hot one

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  • My therapist: Look at nature. Look at flowers. We never walk into our garden and say "Oh wouldn't that flower be so much more pretty if it were taller? Or red instead of pink?" No, we don't. Because nature was created perfect just as it is. And so are we. We are part of nature, we are how we're meant to be, we are perfect just as we are.


I wish some people knew the difference between being confident and being a complete asshole. 

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if u are in the ocean nd a shark is bout to bite u point to it firmly u hav to do it firmly and say “hey shark dont do that”

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my sim befriended the grim reaper when her roommate died in a fire and now she’s graduating from university and so i invited the grim reaper to the ceremony and when he came he had to change into formal clothing and this is what he looked like


holy fuck of hell you better marry him

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you can always tell who has the most social confidence by who blows their nose in class 

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a like is a note no matter how small

but a reblog helps a post grow big and tall

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special talent: dramatically lipsync songs and pretend that i’m in music video

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